Are you getting enough (1)? Developing an understanding of supervision theories, models and practice

Anna and I went on intandem’s supervision course (Module 1) in June 2017. We both really enjoyed the course. The content was very relevant to us and we were all encouraged to participate throughout the day. The course was run for multidisciplinary therapists and this allowed for a great variety of experience and different views of supervision to be shared. Cathy and Sam had thoroughly explored how different professions view supervision and they allowed a flexible thought process to accommodate this throughout the day.

The course itself was very well organized with pre course questionnaires for each participant. The course setting was comfortable and had the added bonus of exploring Borough Market for lunch. Introductions were excellent in creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere yet setting courteous and professional models of behaviour for all members of the group. Expectations of the course were initially explored and there was a clear programme for the day.

The subject topics were delivered with a mix of differing styles to accommodate different styles of learning. There were some with more factual topics composing of the definitions of supervision or theoretical models of supervision with excellent power point presentation and handouts and references to match. This was interspersed with more informal group discussions and feeding back of ideas and thoughts generated by each group discussion. As physios, this worked well for us as we are not very good at sitting still for too long! Discussing our own supervision journeys was particularly useful to understand how our own view of supervision had been shaped over time and with different experiences. The live supervision session, although daunting, started to open up the possibilities of taking our supervision skills to the next level. We also liked the practical element of how to physically conduct supervision interlinked with the developmental cycle of how supervision can be enhanced.

The day finished in perfect timing and we all had time to reflect on our ideas for change and action plans going forwards. It opened up the door to think a bit deeper about our own roles as both the supervisee and a supervisor.

Cathy and Sam were brilliant in creating a fun, relaxed and yet informative atmosphere in which participants appeared to fully engage in the course. They developed a positive energy within the group but also thought provoking as to how to move forwards. As physios, supervision is not a topic that is widely discussed so we would strongly recommend this course to start the ball rolling….

Alice Searle BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC Neurological Physiotherapist
Anna Davis BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC Neurological Physiotherapist