about intandem

intandem is a supervision, training and development collective committed to supporting practitioner self-care

Founded by Cathy Sparkes and Sam Simpson in 2004, intandem originally offered a counselling and speech and language therapy service to people with neurological conditions, people who stammer and their families and friends in addition to supervision and training. Since January 2019, intandem has focused solely on promoting robust supervision practice and culture through:

  • foundation and advanced training courses and workshops
  • a developing supervisor network
  • professional, educational and creative supervision resources

In June 2022, after 18 years working together, the intandem partnership of Cathy Sparkes and Sam Simpson came to a close. Cathy continues her work with individuals, groups and organisations through the lens of Personal Construct Psychology in the areas of counselling, supervision and coaching via www.cathysparkes.co.uk

Cathy and Sam are grateful to everyone for their support and investment in enabling intandem to work towards a greater understanding of the importance of supervision and self-care across public, independent, health, education and social care settings. They enjoyed working closely and creatively together over a period of 18 years and celebrate their shared learning and development

intandem continues with Sam offering a full range of supervision training courses in collaboration with Lucy Machin and Lorraine Munro

intandem benefits from experienced practitioners who:

  • bring together a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of speech and language therapy, person centred therapy and supervision
  • have shared and complementary experience of working across public, private, educational and voluntary sectors
  • enjoy collaborating, supporting and challenging each other in their supervision styles and practices
  • are committed to high standards and ethical supervision practice