Sam Simpson


Person centred counsellor and speech & language therapist


Teddington, TW11

Work context, areas of interest and specialism:

  • I have an independent counselling practice ( and offer both short- and long-term person centred counselling to young people and adults. In addition, I work as a school counsellor in a secondary school offering supervision to staff.  I was a Primary Tutor on the BA (Hons)/Diploma in Person Centred Counselling at Metanoia Institute from Sept 2017 to Aug 2020 and have been a member of the Person-Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression (PCE-CfD) team since Jan 2021
  • I offer professional supervision and supervision of supervision to practitioners working in a range of contexts. I also facilitate training courses for SLTs/other health and care professionals in the fields of supervision (through and person-centred counselling (through
  • I offer a 1:1 and group therapy service to adults who stammer, with a particular interest in critical disability studies, stammering activism and what stammering can teach us about ourselves and the world ( I co-edited Stammering Pride and Prejudice: Difference not Defect with Patrick Campbell and Chris Constantino in 2019 and Stammering Therapy from the Inside: New Perspectives for Working with Young People and Adults with Carolyn Cheasman and Rachel Everard in 2013


  • Diploma in Person Centred Supervision, Metanoia Institute
  • Conversion Diploma in Adolescent and School Counselling, Metanoia Institute
  • BA (Hons) in Person Centred Counselling, Middlesex University
  • Diploma in Person Centred Counselling, Metanoia Institute
  • MSc in Clinical Communication Studies, City University, London


  • Accredited member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)
  • Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP)

Description of supervision service:


Speech and language therapists ✅
Allied health professionals ✅
NHS workers ✅
Independent practitioners ✅
Social service employees ✅
Education staff ✅
Voluntary sector workers ✅
Newly qualified practitioners
Cross-specialism ✅
Cross-profession ✅


Individual ✅
Paired ✅
Group ✅
Team ✅
Managerial Supervision
Professional Supervision ✅
Supervision of supervision ✅


— supervisor’s base ✅
— supervisee’s base
— neutral location
Telephone: ✅
Video teleconference: ✅

Description of supervision approach:

My style of supervision is informed by the person-centred approach and an interest in integrating the use of creative media in my practice.

Fundamental to my work is the belief that we are all unique and the true experts on ourselves. It follows that each of us has the ability to reach our full potential and, in the context of a genuine, trusting and non-judgemental relationship, can draw on our own resources and creativity to navigate any challenges we encounter along the way. My aim is to offer you a warm, supportive and confidential supervisory relationship in which you can harness this potential and resourcefulness within yourself.

As a supervisor I offer a space and quality of attention that will support you to examine your practice, your therapeutic and/or supervisory relationships, and your career openly and honestly. I believe supervision is creative and dynamic: we can draw it, make it, build it in the sand or find images and objects that capture it. When our brain cannot provide an answer through words and language, we can tap into our intuitive knowing and resourcefulness to see what happens.

I bring experience of supervising health and care professionals, educators and counsellors working with children, young people and adults in a range of contexts, including public, independent, health, education, social care and the voluntary sector. I enjoy working across specialisms and professions and believe this can encourage looking beyond what is assumed and therefore often unquestioned. I enjoy the intimacy of working 1:1 as well as the collaborative learning fostered in paired and group supervision.

In addition to my supervision practice, I play an active role in teaching allied health professionals about supervision post-qualification, promoting pro-supervision cultures and developing robust, quality supervision practices across the public and independent sectors.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]
Phone: 07879 646360
Website: and

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