Jules Dickinson


Professional Supervisor, British Sign Language/English Interpreter, Trainer and Consultant


East Midlands

Work context/Areas of interest and specialism:

  • I am an experienced community interpreter and currently offer professional supervision to interpreters, lip-speakers and anyone working in a ‘people-facing’ profession
  • As an experienced trainer I deliver workshops and webinars on the following topics: Shame Resilience, Avoiding Burnout, Developing and Maintaining Professional Boundaries, Interpreting in Workplace Settings, Telephone Interpreting, Interpreting Humour in the Workplace


  • PhD Interpreting and Sociolinguistics
  • PgDip BSL/English Interpreting
  • Diploma in Supervision
  • Registered with NRCPD (https://www.nrcpd.org.uk/)
  • Member of ASLI (https://asli.org.uk/find-a-supervisor/)
  • Member of VLP (https://www.vlp.org.uk/)
  • Member of NUBSLI (https://www.nubsli.com/)
  • I believe in engaging in ongoing professional development, which includes supervision courses through intandem. I have been a member of a supervision group for my interpreting practice for 18 years. I also receive regular supervision for my supervisory practice

Description of supervision service:


Interpreters ✅
Lip-speakers ✅
Speech and language therapists ✅
Allied health professionals ✅
NHS workers ✅
Independent practitioners ✅
Social service employees ✅
Education staff ✅
Voluntary sector workers ✅
Newly qualified practitioners ✅
Cross-specialism ✅
Cross-profession ✅


Individual ✅
Paired ✅
Group ✅
Managerial Supervision
Professional Supervision ✅
Supervision of supervision ✅


— supervisor’s base
— supervisee’s base ✅
— neutral location ✅
Video teleconference: ✅

Description of supervision approach:

Being a member of a supervision group for the last 18 years has been integral to ensuring longevity in my career and I am passionate about supporting individuals to stay well, healthy, and resilient in their chosen field. I believe that professional supervision enables people to work to the best of their ability whilst providing a high-quality service to their clients.

I see supervision as a dedicated space and time to explore, discuss, and reflect upon the issues, emotions and dilemmas which can originate from both the work we undertake and the complex dynamics that accompany it. Crucially, supervision is also about validating and celebrating what has gone well at work, as this process encourages a move away from a self-critical, hyper-negative stance and instead focuses on strengths, skills, and positive achievements. My approach is to be led by the supervisee, to walk alongside them as they explore what they need from the session, and to always remain curious, present, and supportive.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07811 736519

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