Ann Farquhar


Speech & Language Therapist


Epsom Surrey

Work context:

Independent and NHS Speech and Language Therapist and Supervisor

Areas of interest:

Supporting and developing innovative approaches in delivering speech and language therapy and supervision, supporting individuals and organisations to prioritise equally valuing themselves and the work they do, giving space for people to reflect openly and move forward and discover alternatives


  • School aged children who have speech language or communication difficulties and their family and school
  • Supervision for professionals in the public and independent, health, education and social care settings

Clinical experience:

Worked in the NHS and charitable sector as an SLT within MDTs in the field of paediatric brain injury rehabilitation, mainstream and special school, paediatric and adult community-based settings, managed three services in head of department positions and have been working as an independent Speech and Language Therapist since 2003. Work part-time for the NHS currently

Supervision experience:

Provided and continue to provide professional and managerial supervision and supervision of supervision to SLTs working in schools and special schools, independent settings as individuals, in groups and teams. Have received and continue to receive professional and managerial supervision and supervision of supervision from a wide range of professionals, both individually and in groups


  • Speech and Language Pathology Degree, Sydney University, Australia
  • Masters in Human Communication from City University, London (Distinction)
  • Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) introductory modules
  • Attend a PCP supervision group
  • Have attended a range of Supervision courses up to level 4 run by intandem



Description of supervision service:


Speech and language therapists ✅
Allied health professionals ✅
NHS workers ✅
Independent practitioners ✅
Social service employees ✅
Education staff ✅
Voluntary sector workers ✅
Newly qualified practitioners ✅
Cross-specialism ✅
Cross-profession ✅


Individual ✅
Paired ✅
Group ✅
Team ✅
Managerial Supervision ✅
Professional Supervision ✅
Supervision of supervision ✅


— supervisor’s base
— supervisee’s base ✅
— neutral location ✅
Telephone: ✅
Video teleconference: ✅

Description of supervision approach:

I start from the premise that there is always an alternative way of doing things! Throughout my career I have greatly valued support from others, sharing good practice and if possible have always preferred working out clinical problems in a collaborative way. As I have developed my independent work, it has become obvious that to stay connected with others, to further my skills and maintain a wide and deep knowledge base, that supervision was necessary both as something for me to access and to provide for others. I really enjoy the challenge of helping solve clinical, management and professional problems and have an enquiring mind that loves to meet other people where they are at and help them to go forward in ways, they might not have thought of on their own. Supervision gives us amazing learning potential and opportunities to work in new ways whilst providing timely support which all strengthens the profession of speech and language therapy. This is the reason why I find this type of work both inspirational and motivating. I am always looking forward to any opportunities of working with new people in new ways.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0208 2242717

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