Changes from June 2022

From June 1st 2022, after 18 years working together, the intandem partnership of Cathy Sparkes and Sam Simpson will be coming to a close.

Cathy will be focussing on developing her work with individuals, groups and organisations through the lens of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) in the areas of counselling, supervision and coaching. From June 1st 2022, you can contact Cathy through her website or directly on

intandem will continue with Sam offering a full range of supervision training courses in collaboration with other facilitators who share a commitment to promoting robust supervision practice and culture and prioritising practitioner self-care. You can continue to contact Sam at: and

We thank everyone for their support and investment in enabling intandem to work towards a greater understanding of the importance of supervision and self-care across public, independent, health, education and social care settings. We have enjoyed working closely and creatively together over the last 18 years and celebrate our shared learning and development. We are proud of what we have created together and will continue to support each other in the world of supervision and self-care as we look forward to the new opportunities ahead.